We provide factory-based and site-based welding services for our clients, utilising both MIG and TIG welding processes.  All of our tradespeople are highly trained and experienced, which gives them an edge in the manufacturing industry.  Our fabrication team applies their experience to produce high quality welds time and time again.  Our welding specialists are dedicated to producing clean, precise and high quality finishes to ensure your products are strong and long-lasting.

Our team’s expertise in site welding is incomparable – With 30+ years of experience in café, bar and kitchen installations, our trades specialists have had ample exposure in the field to perfect their welds. 

Our material capabilities

Our team works with various materials to ensure our clients have vast fabrication opportunities, our tradespeople work with a variety of metals including:

At T&H, we recognise the importance of absolute precision and clarity to meet your project’s exact specifications. Our fabrication team will work with you closely to ensure that your project goals are being met by offering innovative sheetmetal manufacturing resolutions.


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