Balustrades and Handrails


We have spent over thirty years refining our processes for creating bespoke balustrades and handrails.  Over the years, our team have acquired the knowledge and experience that comes with creating customised balustrades and handrails, to be able to create architectural centerpieces that posses form and function.  Not only do we specialise in stainless steel handrails and balustrades, but we also work with specialty metals such as brass and copper; these materials will add an extra layer of appeal to any space. 

We have been involved in the fabrication, delivery and installation of a number of balustrade and handrail projects over the years, throughout both commercial and residential spaces.  We have created balustrades and handrails for public ramps and staircases, accessibility pathways, education buildings, amphitheaters, universities and colleges, lecture theatres, hospitals and home staircases, to name a few.

Our material capabilities

Our team works with various materials and product finishes to ensure our clients have vast fabrication opportunities, including:

At T&H, we recognise the importance of absolute precision and clarity to meet your project’s exact specifications. Our fabrication team will work with you closely to ensure that your project goals are being met by offering innovative sheetmetal manufacturing resolutions.


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