Water Jet Cutting Brisbane

WATER JET cutting

With a well established water-jet cutting facility, we are able to design and water-jet cut an extensive range of products.  We have full time CAD/CAM programmers in our design office who can translate your ideas into a high quality finished product.  Each programmer is trade qualified and trained in our workshop, so they can add their design and metal fabrication expertise to your project.  Our experience in design has helped customers achieve premium manufactured solutions, efficient product designs and cost effective results across Trade Product Applications, Industrial Segments as well as Architectural Applications.

Our water-jet cutter is one of the largest machines in Queensland – The sizes of material that we offer to cut is up to 6000mm x 3000mm x 120mm.  Our machine has a 5x axis cutting head and can reach up to an angle of 60 degrees.  Our water-jet cutting machine has the versatility to be able to cut a large range of materials:

If you don’t have a detailed design, a sample or a rough sketch is sufficient to enable our design professionals to work with you to develop and create the product to your satisfaction.​


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