Privacy Policy



T&H accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or expense suffered by any user, resulting from that user either directly or indirectly relying on information or details stored and conveyed on this website, any online platform or account of T&H. T&H acknowledge that the user’s privacy and security is important, and that the user has the right to monitor and control their online presence, as well as their personal information and identification details. At T&H, we understand that the sharing of a user’s personal and private information is a direct act of confidence in our company, and we will use all reasonable endeavours to keep the user’s information private unless otherwise required to disclose this information to government bodies, agencies, or required to do so by law. 


Personal information is defined as being any information or details that may be used to identify a person and/or their personal background. T&H will collect personal information from the user so we can provide them with any information, products or services that they have enquired about, as well as the necessary personal information so as to deliver any of those products and/or services. Information that T&H may collect and store (Including, but not limited to):

  • Name;
  • Telephone / Mobile Number;
  • Email Address;
  • Postal / Business / Residential Address;
  • Occupation; and/or
  • Any other relevant information at the discretion of T&H.

T&H will collect the user’s personal information from the user either directly or indirectly: through the user’s access and use of T&H’s website, during conversations or emails with T&H employees, or when the user completes an online inquiry form through the T&H website. If the user does not provide T&H with any of the correct personal information aforementioned, resulting effects may occur:

  • T&H may not be able to comply and provide the user with the requested information, products and/or services.


T&H may collect and distribute the user’s personal information or identification details to a number of persons / organisations / third parties, as mentioned below (including, but not limited to):

  • T&H employees, T&H clients, sub-contractors or service providers;
  • The user’s financial advisor, lawyer, solicitor or personal representative;
  • Government or regulatory agencies or bodies, as required to do so by law; and/or
  • Any company or individual with the user’s express consent.


T&H may send the user direct marketing material, information and/or communications relating to our business products and/or services. These marketing mediums may be sent to the user in various ways, including but not limited to, E-mail, SMS messaging, or mail. The user may opt out of receiving marketing material from T&H by directly contacting our office or un-subscribing through E-mail. T&H will collect and store the user’s personal and private information in a reasonable and secure way, and will endeavour to protect it from misuse, loss, modification, or unauthorised access, as well as endeavouring to maintain the user’s information so it is correct and up to date.


For more information about security and privacy laws and legislation, please feel free to visit the site of the Australian Information Commissioner by accessing this following link:


If you would like to contact any of the staff at T&H, please feel free to call or email our office for any further inquiries.


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