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This website is owned and operated by T&H Sheetmetal Pty Ltd. The use of this site and the information and the content that is available is subject to the user’s acceptance and accordance with the company terms and conditions that are defined throughout these Online Terms of Use and elsewhere on this website. These Online Terms of Use stated by T&H Sheetmetal Pty Ltd, apply to the online use and the code of conduct for every user that visits this website. These Online Terms of Use, in their present form or as changed, are to be acknowledged and accepted by the user. The user acknowledges that the terms “you”, “your”, “user” and “users” all refer to each individual that visits this website. The user acknowledges and agrees that the agreement of these terms and conditions of Online Terms of Use are deemed to occur upon the user’s first visit to T&H’s website. If you do not agree to these Online Terms of Use, please be advised that you should not review, obtain or distribute the information, goods and/or services available within this website.


The user of this website acknowledges and agrees not to:
(a) – Replicate, distribute, copy, revise, advertise, use, re-use, sell, or manipulate any of the content or information available on this website for any public, personal or marketable purpose/s;
(b) – Make an attempt to add to, alter, delete, vandalize, hack or otherwise interfere with the content or information available on this website; and/or
(c) – Use this website in any way that could or is intended to harm the website, it’s content or information available, or any server or network relevant to this website, or interfere with any other user’s enjoyment of the website. T&H have a Privacy Policy in place which outlines the processes we use to collect, handle and store the private and personal information of users. This Privacy Policy is also available through the access of this website. The user acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions set out in T&H’s Privacy Policy, and consent to the collection, storage and/or distribution of their personal and private information in accordance with said Policy.


The user may submit and post reviews of T&H’s products and/or services, as long as the content of these reviews are not unlawful, defamatory, threatening, abusive, malicious, invasive of privacy, offensive, sexually explicit, untrue, or otherwise objectionable or injurious to third parties, including but not limited to, any feedback or reviews that would encourage behaviour that constitutes a criminal offence, gives effect to civil liability, or violates applicable legislation. The user may not use or provide T&H with false information, including but not limited to, using a false e-mail address, impersonating another individual or entity, and/or misleading the origin of your review or feedback. By submitting and/or posting to T&H with any review, feedback or submission, you grant T&H the right to use, replicate, publish, create derivative works from, circulate, and display your submission in any form or media that T&H choose.


T&H may offer and/or co-sponsor contests, competitions, draws or games on this website or relevant social media accounts, which will all be guided by specific rules and terms that would be available on this website or relevant social media accounts at the time of promotion.


T&H may advertise or display content, logos or details of third party websites and/or companies within T&H’s website. T&H are not responsible or liable for the content of these advertisements or any relating information. The display of these third parties does not constitute or suggest any form of endorsement for these third parties by T&H. T&H are in no way or form liable for any damages, losses or expenses to any individual/s or entity/s that suffer from the result of any use, continued use or reliance on any third party advertisement displayed on T&H’s website.


The user may not create, distribute or display any link to T&H or T&H’s website without the direct written consent of T&H. If the user continues in doing so without the consent of T&H, the user does this at their own risk.


T&H’s content, material, photographs, logos, illustrations, designs, graphic material, names, features, and/or trademarks on this website are protected by copyright laws, and belong solely to T&H. These aforementioned works may not be copied, used or distributed by any individual/s or entity/s without the direct written consent of T&H. T&H reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorised use of it’s intellectual property so as to preserve and protect it’s rights.


This website may be used and accessed from every country around the globe. As each country has differing laws and jurisdictions, by accessing this website, both T&H and the user acknowledge and accept the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia, which will apply to all matters relating to these Online Terms of Use. The user agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Australia in relation to any disagreement or dispute resulting from these Online Terms of Use.


T&H do not warrant that this website will be accessible, secure, error free or free from computer virus’ at all times but will take all reasonable endeavours to maintain a user-friendly website. T&H are not liable or responsible for any damages, losses or expenses resulting from the user’s access to, use or reliance on the website. The user acknowledges that all electronic data may be intercepted by others and agrees to indemnify T&H from the responsibility or liability of intercepted or lost data or information.


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