Terms of Warranty



T&H would like to thank you for your purchase of our products and/or services. T&H design, manufacture and install our products custom to each client’s project – We strive to provide a quality service. T&H is committed to providing our clients with a fair warranty service for the products that we have provided.

[1] Commercial Warranty

1.1 – T&H would like to advise that when our products are used within a commercial environment, T&H will supply warranty to the Client for 12 months from the date of installation of the goods. T&H is not liable or responsible for the commercial equipment that is sourced from third party companies and supplied by T&H. These items that are sourced from third party companies are available for warranty solely under the third party’s terms of warranty.

1.2 – T&H will in no circumstances be liable for any associated loss, damage or expense subsequent from any defect in material/s, workmanship and/or from the installation of goods.


2.1 – Other than as stated in these Terms of Warranty, any written statement of warranty or throughout T&H’s Standard Terms and Conditions, T&H is not liable to the Client whatsoever resulting from, including but not limited to, the purchase, installation or use of the product/s and/or services provided by T&H.

2.2 – Unless stated otherwise, T&H’s standard warranty period and product coverage is limited to 12 months product warranty from the date of our first installation of the product/s.

2.3 – The provision of the warranty is subject to:
(a) – The Client being in agreeance with T&H’s Terms of Warranty and Standard Terms & Conditions;
(b) – Proof that the product/s has been directly purchased from T&H;
(c) – The Client has finalised all payments in full to T&H from any invoices to the Client from non-warranty work or previous works where payments are due;
(d) – The Client has not altered or attempted to repair the goods in any way without the consent of T&H; and
(e) – The Client provides T&H with written notice within 2 days of the delivery of the product/s that it believes the product/s does not meet the correct standard and requires warranted repairs/maintenance/replacement.

2.4 – T&H advise that these following warranty exclusions will apply to all purchases of goods and/or services where:
(a) – Defects, malfunctions or damages result from incorrect, negligent or poor maintenance from the Client;
(b) – Damages or variations result from circumstances outside of T&H’s control, including but not limited to, power surges or natural disasters;
(c) – The failure of a product/s that has been designed to a Client’s custom design, and where that failure was caused by the Client’s specification or design;
(d) – Any third party product/s that is supplied and installed by T&H, but is manufactured by a third party; and
(e) – Breakage/s of component/s including but not limited to lights, glass, marble, heating elements, heating lamps and/or refrigeration seals.

2.5 – T&H advise that all approved warranty works will be undertaken for free only within Australia, and only when the works are within 60km of T&H’s main premises (49-51 Nealdon Drive, Meadowbrook, QLD, 4131). If the Client is located further than 60km away from T&H’s premises, then any additional distance travelled by T&H will be charged to the Client.


3.1 – The Client must follow this procedure to claim warranty through T&H:
(a) – To complete T&H’s Warranty Request Form you will be required to have the following information:

  • The proof of your purchase (invoice, date of purchase);
  • A description of the product/s fault; and
  • Your company/personal information and location.

To fill out T&H’s Warranty Request Form, please contact our staff via email or telephone, or locate the form below.

(b) – The Client must pay in full all costs resulting from a call-out for any works that are not associated to warranty circumstances.


4.1 – T&H will, when agreed upon in writing by both parties (T&H and the Client), or when T&H see fit to do so, supply the Client with a specialist to repair the product under warranty. T&H’s specialists are trade qualified and experienced technicians that will endeavour to maintain, fix or repair the product/s under warranty.


5.1 – T&H are not liable and take no responsibility for the equipment provided to the Client, and do not have any responsibility for fulfilling warranty requests. All third party equipment or products provide warranty and must be contacted directly to fulfil any warranty requests.


If you would like to contact any of the staff at T&H, please feel free to call or email our office for any further inquiries.


Please fill out the following form within 2 days of the custom T&H product installation if there are defects or product failures, otherwise please fill out this form within 12 months from the date of installation of the product if there are standard warranty circumstances. Please forward this directly to T&H by submitting the below form (*Note: T&H do not assume liability for third party products installed or supplied by T&H – Please contact the third party company directly for warranty requests or inquiries*).

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