Stainless Steel Suppliers of Architectural Fabrication

At T&H, we can create custom fabricated products suited to your needs – We can fabricate and produce industrial designed pieces to suit any space.  T&H are lucky enough to have multiple designers on the team, who would be happy to create a product based off of your design, or consult with you to design and fabricate the product you require.

Whether you’re looking at commencing a large scale project, you’re wanting to create bespoke furniture, or whether you’re looking at creating small scale custom products, we’re happy to help!

While we predominantly use stainless steel for general fabrication​, we also use specialty metals such as brass, copper or any of the endless arrays of metals we have access to.

Architectural Products

Although we are always happy to try anything new, to give you an idea of some of the work we can do, see below for some examples:

Hospitals, Labs & Clinics

We have completed a vast amount of commercial projects in the health-care, aged-care and medical industries.  We have provided hospitals, labs and clinics with a variety of specialty equipment and stainless steel products:

Domestic Fabrication

As well as working in the commercial sector, we also specialise in domestic projects. We are experts in creating bespoke products:

Military, Mining &
Defence Fabrication

We have experience in the military, mining and defence sectors, and have been a part of numerous projects that involve fabricating parts, components and assemblies:

Shopfitting Fabrication

We have been a part of various shop-fitting projects, both small scale and large scale. We offer a wide variety of products:


At T&H, we have spent the past thirty years refining our processes of creating bespoke balustrades and handrails.  Over the years, our team have acquired the knowledge and experience that comes with creating balustrades and handrails, to be able to design and create architectural centerpieces that posses form, function and of course finesse.  

Not only do we specialise in stainless steel handrails and balustrades, but we also work with specialty metals such as brass and copper; these materials will add an extra layer of aesthetic to any design.  Our passion is to create functional designs for our projects and to ensure that our products will emphasize a unique, organic and iconic passageway.


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